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Massage Therapy 


St George Osteopathy offers a variety of massage types all in the heart of Kogarah.
Massage is a tried and tested therapeutic technique. It is used beneficially in many settings for all types of medical and orthopedic conditions. It’s been shown to have great effects lowering blood pressure and heart rate, as well as being very useful in treatment regimens for depression and anxiety.
It also has significant local effects on the muscles, ligaments and tendons it is being applied to. Our Massage therapists is highly trained in adapting different forms of massage technique for the benefit of rehabilitating various musculoskeletal injuries.
Your massage therapist at St George Osteopathy Kogarah will choose a variety of massage techniques during your treatment to assist your recovery. Massage is often used to prepare areas of the body for osteopathic techniques or forms of stretching.
Our therapists are registered with ANTA – Australian Natural Therapies Association
Dr Themos Gourlas

Samantha Coert

Massage Therapist
Samantha has seven years experience working as a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist in a variety of clinical health settings. Samantha enjoys treating a broad variety people and uses her expertise to successfully manage sport injuries, muscular strains, accidents or surgeries.

Samantha also treats pregnant women, athletes wanting to improve their performance and recovery through pre-event or post event Sports massage and also people who appreciate the relaxing benefits of massage.

Samantha’s integrative approach to injury management and her skills at identifying the cause of the problem make her the perfect fit at St George Osteopathy.

So if your are suffering from pain, stiffness or injury consider how massage therapy could help you. To discover the benefits of massage for yourself call us to make an appointment.



Feel great with deep tissue or remedial massage.

Pregnant and need some relief?  Tired, stressed or sore?  Book in to see Samantha and notice the benefits of massage.

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