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Exercise rehabilitation – PracTx

Get back into exercise: Safely and steadily

Exercise prescription is a common form of therapeutic intervention that can be useful for managing a injury, reducing the risks of re-injury and improving overall strength and endurance.

Commonly exercises and stretches can be over prescribed or poorly performed leading to more pain and irritation.  At St George  Osteopathy we recognise that exercise prescription should be timely and monitored.

For this reason rehabilitation exercises or stretches are given under supervision in co-ordination with the Osteopathic consultation.  This minimises the risk of aggravation and re-injury and improves patient outcomes.

Our therapists will give suitable exercises and stretches depending on the nature of your injury and the complexity of the complaint.  Our commitment to patient rehabilitation lead us to develop the world class exercise platform Practx.

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Our team at St George Osteopathy is trained at giving you the best advice when it comes to post surgical rehabilitation, sports injury rehab or even simply weight loss.

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