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Pregnancy Massage Kogarah

At St George Osteopathy we specialise in assisting mums both during and after pregnancy.  We have three female therapists who focus  on you and your baby.  That’s why we are different. We have a specialised pregnancy table that allows you lie face down comfortably during a pregnancy massage.  Our massage therapist uses safe, gentle techniques aimed at relaxing and unwinding tightness and tension in muscles.  Her experience allows you to safely adjust the strength and tempo of the massage depending on your needs, whilst always remaining safe and comfortable, both for you and your baby. Pregnancy massage is recommending as it can relieve  the pain associated with pelvic problems, muscle strain, low back discomfort, sciatica, headaches and general fatigue and tiredness. If the need arises our therapist may recommend alternative treatments such as Acupuncture or Osteopathy to help even further and prepare the baby for delivery. More information about Osteopathy and Pregnancy.

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Relax and feel better

With a massage

With our specialised pregnancy massage table, you can relax and enjoy a massage the way it is supposed to be.